Why This Course is Impactful

Strengthened Marriage

This course is designed to help you improve your marriage through the two most important aspects: intimacy and communication.

Generational Impact

By taking your marriage to a new level, you're not just impacting your life, but your entire family.
The values you create within your marriage can be felt for generations to come.

Quality of Life

The power of an amazing marriage is that it can make all other parts of life better.
It has the ability to improve your life in all ways.
This course will help you do just that.


A quality spousal relationship is the bedrock of your family. Jake's marriage is a case study in how to do things right. Having been with his wife over half his life is a testament to not only his devoted husband, but his willingness to be an exemplary father to his to his boys. Forget the armchair psychologists on their 3rd divorce, if there's ever been anybody that can help you with your relationship, its Jake
Ben Black
Jake (Dad Dynasty) has inspired many, including myself, through his insights and lessons learned from personal experience. His role as a spouse, father, coach, and writer brings a unique perspective that puts him in a great position to improve the lives of others in a powerful way. I’ve enjoyed getting to know Jake and look forward to learning and growing alongside him in the future.
One Inspired Dad
In the journey of marriage and fatherhood, few have mastered the art of building a family dynasty like my man Jake. Married for 14 years and a father to three, his dedication to fostering strong, loving relationships is nothing short of inspiring. He doesn't just talk about creating a legacy; he lives it, guiding others to lay the foundations for a family dynasty their great-grandkids would be proud of.
Barret Nobel

What To Expect

Generational Marriage Course